Kayla has been a maker, scribbler, and adventurer since a little girl. She received her B.A. in Art at UC Santa Cruz, and has over five years of working as a professional artist. From small sketches to large scale projects, her art is a reflection of her current surroundings.

She works to give a voice and awareness to environmental hazards, and document outdoor experiences in a raw personal way.

She cannot be found without a sketchbook and pen. Often taking these sketches and making then into imperfect digital works. However she regularly uses oil paints and illustrates! 

She  has spent the past four years working in Graphic Design and growing her fine art skills alongside that profession.

Kayla has currently made the jump as an artist to devote her work to commissions. If you would like anything from a sketch, digital painting, canvas painting, photo/video edits, to graphic design elements... send an email to

Thank you kindly and stay sketchy!